Christian Lohmann

Hebelstr. 19a
79618 Rheinfelden, Germany
phone: +49 (7623) 748432
mobilphone: +49 (178) L-O-H-M-A-N-N

Capabilities and Knowledge


since 08/2002 Novartis AG, Basel

since 06/2001 Fairchild Dornier GmbH

04/1998 to 05/2001, Haupt Pharma Wolfratshausen GmbH (a pharmaceutic company)

04/1997 to 03/1998, Condat GmbH (consulting company)

02/1996 to 04/1997, Heinz Haupt GmbH & Co. KG (pharmaceutic company)

04/1992 to 03/1996, Fachhochschule fuer Wirtschaft, student

04/1989 to 12/1991, GTI GmbH, software developer


04/1992 to 03/1996 Study at the Fachhochschule fuer Wirtschaft Berlin;  completed as "Diplom-Kaufmann (FH)"

02/1987 to 03/1989 vocational at Lette-Verein Berlin (technical education);  completed as "Technischer Assistent Elektonik/ Datentechnik"

09/1983 to 12/1986 Gymnasium;  completed with "Abitur" (qualifying for university entrance)

09/1979 to 08/1983 Realschule; completed with "Mittlere Reife"

09/1974 to 08/1979 Grundschule

Languages: German (as my native language)
English (many years in school)

Self trained in UNIX: setting up a linux-based server for by private network as print server, file server, www-server; connecting my private ethernet-network via ISDN to the internet

Self trained knowledge of JAVA